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Eureka Products
Roboris-Deutschland GmbH
Software for industrial robots


Eureka is the market leader in the field of robotic milling applications for many years.
The Eureka robot programming enables to create models and artistic objects. Combines a 6-axis industrial robots and reliable technology of a CNC machining center with the flexibility.

Eureka converts the APT or ISO code, generated by a CAM system, in a program for a 6 or more axes robot with a dedicated editing module. During the conversion process, Eureka calculates the optimal movements of the robot and simulate the external axes with all aspects of editing.

Eureka robot offline programming detects problems such as singularities, collisions outside the limits and offers powerful, easy-to-use tools to overcome them. Collisions are calculated taking into account all the parts including the edited raw part. The 64-bit version enables a very fast processing of files of unlimited size.
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