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The new FANUC ROBOCUT α-CiB series is coming to the Europe!

FANUC is pleased to announce the arrival of its new series of Wire Electrical Discharge machines to the European market – the FANUC ROBOCUT α-CiB series. This new ROBOCUT series will replace the previous α-CiA series and is comprised of 3 models: the ROBOCUT α-C400iB and ROBOCUT α-C600iB that were existing models within the range, as well as the new addition, the ROBOCUT α-C800iB. The European premiere of the series will be in September at the AMB show in Stuttgart (13-17 September).

Within the new series, the α-C600iB model keeps its previous form, while the α-C400iB has increased its cutting area to X400mm x Y300mm x Z255 with a 500kg workpiece weight capacity. The newly added α-C800iB model with its cutting area of X800mm x Y600mm x Z310mm and 3000kg work-piece mass capacity will have the smallest footprint in its market range, and is suitable for big press molds and job shoppers.

The FANUC α-CiB machines are compact, high performance wire-cutting machines. The new machines guarantee higher rigidity and cutting accuracy. The symmetrically designed cast iron structure of the ma-chine was optimized for higher stiffness and thermal stability in order to cater for today's high precision needs. FANUC α-CiB are equipped with totally new pulse control (FPC - flexible discharge pulse control).


FANUC ROBOCUT α-CiB machines are operated through the latest Series 31i-WB CNC Control with Touch Screen Technology and are welcoming the new FANUC iHMI user interface. The powerful CNC Control of-fers the most advanced CNC features in control technology and the possibility to operate ROBOCUT CAMi software directly from the CNC screens. The ROBOCUT Linki PC software tool that allows the operator to monitor the machine status in real time will also come with a completely new and user-friendly interface. A quick start-up package (Robot QSP) that allows an easier integration of robots for machine tending is also available for the series.

Responsible for the content of this press release: FANUC Deutschland GmbH


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