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FERG Products
Thread milling cutters

Thread milling cutter

FERG innovates and improves the micrograin carbide cutters designs offering our customers new tools of high quality, high precision and high productivity.

The range that FERG produces and offers as standard design covers most applications and needs, but we also manufacture special features that allow us to provide a solution to the requirements and needs of the different industrial sectors.

-Strawberries tapping gdb: Strawberry that boring, chamfering and thread by interpolation.
-Cutters of threading in GSF: cutter that allows threading of different measures.
-Strawberries thread GSFM: Strawberry which thread by interpolation and the chamfer.
-Strawberries tapping GF: Strawberry with different sizes and lengths of thread.
-Strawberries tap FR-ESP: milling tools special thread under design.
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