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FOOKE Products
High speed machining centres

Travelling Column ENDURA® 1000LINEAR

The linear motor drive technology has already impressively proven itself in many machines from FOOKE GmbH's product range. Therefore, we deliberately opted for this drive technology once again with the ENDURA® 1000LINEAR travelling column milling machine. The machine concept of the FOOKE ENDURA® tool milling machine is particularly suitable for high-speed machining of large-volume workpieces. A major advantage of the machine concept is that the ENDURA® 1000LINEAR is easy to load, even with large workpieces. Thanks to its design, this travelling column milling machine / special tool milling machine can be manufactured in almost any length (X-axis traverse path), according to your requirements.
Modular travelling column milling machine with high acceleration rates

Acceleration rates of up to 5 m/s² impressively reflect the power and precision of these machines. As well as being as accurate and achieving the same surface quality as conventional tool milling machines in a travelling column design, these machines are considerably faster.
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