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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Okuma > 0811 FCP IO link communication error
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    0811 FCP IO link communication error

    Hi, everybody. There is an error:
    811 FCP IO link communication error 12400001

    What was done:
    1. replaced optical cables
    2. Replaced the FUB-DR3 unit
    3. replaced the FUB-P4M4 unit
    4. replaced the FUB-P4R2 unit
    5. reinstalled the system
    6.checked all power supplies.

    Please help, okuma representatives claim that the FUB-DR3 unit is faulty, but it was replaced with a serviceable one.
    What else can I check? or what actions to perform?

    Machine okuma LT-15 M, OSP7030, OSP-U100

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    Re: 0811 FCP IO link communication error

    hi Vasily
    If you have a CNC OSP U100L, then the error is deciphered as follows:
    A transmission error has occurred in the I / O connection of the Fiber Channel Protocol (FCP) card
    code WXYYZZZZ-12400001
    W = always 1
    X = 2 -> HSCC initialization error
    YY (40) = Bit 6 -> double receive error
    ZZZZ 0001 = Bit7-0-> slave station number where the error occurred (master station: $ 00) next $ 01 there is a problem.
    Okuma's specialists pointed out you correctly. We need to check again.

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