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Thread: 1011 alarm

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    1011 alarm

    Akira seiki lathe with fanc O/T having turret problem..im not getting the turret to unclamp or clamp ,no air to unclamp ., no voltage is there to activate.
    Tool 1 proxi reads its at tool 1/ im thinking the clamp unclamp proxi has a problem. switched around relays didnt fix ,other wire goes to board with no voltage coming out to activate air but board has power. ohm at solenoid seems good.can manually switch solenoid to clamp/unclamp.. THANK you for any input

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    Neuer Benutzer
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    Akira Seiki SL-15 wiper

    We have an Akira Seiki SL-15 that needs new wipers for x-axis way cover can't seem to find them have you ever had that proplem.
    Thanks apache909

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    Re: 1011 alarm

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    Re: 1011 alarm

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