12000W IPG fiber laser cutting machine is a type of high power precision metal laser cutter with a fully enclosed exchange table for sheet metal fabrication. With the fully enclosed safety design and heavy-duty plate welding bed, the equipment can run 24 hours of continuous high-speed and stable operation, and the interactive exchange table has greatly reduced the labor intensity, shortening the loading and unloading time, effectively improving the cutting effect and production efficiency, it is suitable for high-quality and high-speed processing of various metal sheets and even non-ferrous metals.



• Full protection humanized design.

• Totally enclosed laser protective glass design to prevent laser injury to personnel.

• It can be connected to external dust removal and environmental protection equipment to achieve zero emission of harmful substances.

• Professional laser cutting CNC system, automatic edge finding and nesting, improve plate utilization and production efficiency.

High Speed Parallel Exchange Table

• High-speed parallel exchange table design, dual worktable exchange at the same time, stable and reliable transmission mode.

• Fast, shortened changeover time, saves loading and unloading assistance time.

• The inverter controls the exchange motor, and the machine tool can quickly complete the exchange.

Surveillance System

• The rear camera on the hood is convenient for the operator to monitor the side and rear dynamics in real time.

• The protective cover has a built-in camera to monitor the equipment without stopping during operation, which reduces the incidence of accidents and facilitates the operator to observe the cutting process in real time.

12000W IPG fiber laser cutter can precisely cut thick carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, copper plate, aluminum alloy, galvanized plate, alloy plate. It is widely used in automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, fan manufacturing, coal mining equipment, mining equipment, petroleum equipment, power equipment, steel structure processing, steel plate cutting and blanking, advertising cutting, construction machinery, agricultural machinery and other mechanical processing and manufacturing industries.