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    130w tube arching at both ends.

    Hi all I’m hopping someone can shed some light on my problem.
    I went to use my homebuilt laser the other day when I started the job the power supply screamed at me I believe it was one of the
    fly back transformers, I disconnected the anode and fired the power supply again this time there was no noise. I then connected it back to the tube
    And fired the laser again this time it sounded normal and the laser fired but was arching at either end of the tube and there was mo beam output.
    I did find there was a lot of crap in the water in the tube so flushed it out and refilled (I only had the distilled water that I ran through a filter
    And some tap water was left in the cooler. Fired the laser again but no change. So I drained the water from the tube and test fired it again
    This time the beam didn’t arch and there was a low beam output. My question is could the crap in the water have some affect on the noise from the
    power supply and the arching beam or is the tube dead. It is 4 years old but done less than 60 hours.

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    Re: 130w tube arching at both ends.


    Due to the high voltages involved I suggest you ask for professional assistance.

    As far as I understand water is used for cooling purposes only and unless there are too many impurities that clog the pump and avoid proper circulation no problem should arise.


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