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    1605 or 1610 for Inlays wood


    Need a little help. I can't decided which screw ball pitch to install for my new CNC 1605 or 1610 for Y and Z axis. It will mostly be using Inlays wood to make cutting board.

    I'm afraid 1610 will be too fast for more precise work. For example in the video below:


    Thank you

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    Re: 1605 or 1610 for Inlays wood

    Hi Boris - The machine feeds at the programmed speed no matter what the pitch is. 5mm gives huge forces whereas 10mm will give better speed if you need it. Its easier to slow down a machine then speed it up.... Peter

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    Re: 1605 or 1610 for Inlays wood

    Thank you

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    Re: 1605 or 1610 for Inlays wood

    Are the ballscrews directly coupled to the stepper motors? In that case I would choose 1610. That would give fast rapids and plenty of precision (0.05mm per full step).

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    Re: 1605 or 1610 for Inlays wood

    Thank you

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