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    1704 Stroke end Over

    This is a Okuma MC-V4020 2001
    A travel end limit switch X,Y, or Z has been activated, Doesn't happen all the time so I know it's not System Parameter settings, Probable Faulty Cause also says, Malfunction of the limit switch, that's what I'm thinking it is. So the Alarm help says Find out witch limit switch is activated on the ( check panel ). So where in the world do I find the Check Panel so I can see witch switch is on?
    Any help would be great.
    Thanks, Bob

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    Re: 1704 Stroke end Over

    Wierd suggestion. There are two possibilities:
    1. Stroke end in deed. One of axes moved over stroke end because of bad setting of stroke end limit parameters and stroke end limit switch is activated. That's the easiest case: you find the windows where axis position is shown in machine coordinate system and easy to see the axis somewhere out of range. Anyway the number should be near the limit value.
    2. There is some garbage, piece of dirt touching the limit switch lever, or, in case is LS is inductive type, some collected steal chips can activate it instead of designed flag.
    3. Switch itself is damaged and can't change satus
    4. Cable damaged.

    In the first case you are very lucky - find "Stroke End Over" override switch ( maybe parameter for this control ) on your control and move the axis away from the limit position slowly in manual mode.
    If this procedure dos not help, you need to find the switch itself and check it's status and act accordingly.

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