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    1992 Haas VF0

    I recently picked up this little Tupperware VF0 from a friends shop that was moving.

    Serial number is in the 1800’s, very early machine.

    Everything works after a couple adjustments and cleaning.
    7k spindle, rigid tap etc.

    This is mainly for my personal use. I have run haas machines for about 20years.

    Ran my first real part and found issues with my “y” axis.

    I interpolated a 7.13in diameter hole in a piece of aluminum.

    “X” was dead on 7.13 but “Y” measure 7.148. Approx .018 large.

    I still need to do a backlash test, and recently found that this machine has belt driven ball screws.

    Could this be from stretch?

    Thank you

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    Re: 1992 Haas VF0

    ...possible incorrect Backlash setting?

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    Re: 1992 Haas VF0

    I will see if I can do backlash today. Hopefully it shows me something


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    Re: 1992 Haas VF0

    Check thrust bearings, mechanical backlash with a dti, and runout on the screw, of course dont change any params without saving the original values, and go from there, good luck.

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