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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Haas Machines > Haas Mills > 1994 Haas VF0 machine starts running in Y, no information from encoder.
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    1994 Haas VF0 machine starts running in Y, no information from encoder.


    I've got another poblem with my haas. Right now when i'm turn machine on, and i'm push reset button for turn on servos machine starts running in Y axis ( i don't even push power up restart button ), and they ignore even limit switch ! On screen Y position don't change, when i rotate manually ball screw, position still don't change, for X axis everythink work's fine. So i'm buyed new encoder,i chaned it, and nothing's change... i'm changed motors between X and Y, and X works fine ( with new encoder, and old servo ) and Y have the same issue, then i'm switch servo motor drivers between X and Y, but no diffrents. On screen Y possition changes in microns ( only in Y axis ) even when engine is on the floor not in machine, it happend even if i'm pull out Y axis cables... so right now i have no idea.

    Maybe someone have the same problem ?


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    Re: 1994 Haas VF0 machine starts running in Y, no information from encoder.

    Hi, I bought a milling machine like your milling machine. Unfortunately, the parameters and all settings have been deleted. It does not run programs. If your machine model is vf-0. Please send me the general parameters and settings of the milling machine so that my machine can work again. Let me start, thanks, dear colleague

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