I have a 1994 LNC-8. I owned it it's whole life. I recently had an issue with the BLDIII drive. That is another long story, but the short story is that the machine has a BLDIV drive now.

Now to the issue. The x-axis brake. Over the years (during the time the BLDIII was installed) the x-axis would drift down at power off. Some carb cleaner on the friction surface fixed that. But when the BLDIV was installed, the x-axis brake won't release. I check for voltage at the brake and see 24v. I also measured the resistance of the brake coil...it checks correctly at 43ohms.

I got frustrated with it and ordered a new brake from Okuma through Morris Midwest. Installed it....Same issue, the brake will not release.

Looking for further troubleshooting ideas.

I can also be reached at vossmachine@gmail.com

Thanks for your help