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    Question 1998 15XT 2 Red light axis amps


    I recently picked up a partially functional 1998 15XT 240 3 phase. I just put it in my garage this last weekend, hooked up power and air. Post hook up I have converted it to single phase, I'm still using the 817E transformer for regulating the spindle voltage. I believe I have it set up to the point that they had it before selling to me. I've checked all voltages, only issue is -12 is high to ground -12.5 (do I compare to ground or common?) but I don't believe that is currently giving me the problem.

    Post green button I have been able to get 0 errors on boot unless a bad amp is selected. I have 2 glentek DC amps and 2 ITS 0006 amps. 1 of each is red lighting on start. To get to this point I have moved the axis control boards around with the jumpers to find the issue was with the x slot (resolver tested good). I then switched the x amp connections to A and I was able to get the 0 errors. This allowed me to move X and Z. Moving Y resulted in another Axis fault. I switch Y and Z and was able to move X and Y. This leads me to believe that the 2 amps at worst are bad or at best the "tech" they had working on them just didn't tune them yet as I believe they had put new ones in to test.

    What I want to try and do next is attempt the DC Amplifier Adjustment and Zero out memory procedures. The Dc adjustment procedure may fix my amp issue as the boards and fuses look good to my untrained eye. The Zero out memory is needed from my understanding because the axis control cards switched locations (and I'm not 100% confident of their original locations).

    I would greatly appreciate any comments or idea on what else to explore.

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    Re: 1998 15XT 2 Red light axis amps


    The Amplifier Adjustment procedure was able to revive the "dead" Glentek card. I now have them tuned. I was surprised I could not get the ITS Card to come back, though compared to the rest it does nothing but red light when booting where the others went from Green and red to just red.
    If anyone know anything I can check on the ITS card it would be very helpful as they seem to not accept returns for repair.

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