Hey everyone,

I'm new to programming Mori mill turns and mill turns in general. I've managed to get by programming a pretty basic Doosan but we just got a Mori Seiki NT4300 DCG/1500SZ built in November 2012 with the Fanuc F31iA5 control supposedly with most of the options except live tooling so I'm reading through the manuals pretty thoroughly. I have questions/issues that the manuals didn’t seem to address so I figured I'd see if anyone here could help. If you know the answer to one or all I’d really appreciate it! Also if you know of a way to find a list of all the options on the machine I can post those.

I know how to switch data input units but it seems like my tool offsets, work offsets, etc. are being displayed in metric. Is there a parameter or something to switch units for the entire machine?

Despite being in the manual, G10.9 X0/X1 gives me an "improper G code" alarm in both MDI and memory.

When I try using G43 H_. in MDI I get a "tool offset data error" message.

I have both spindles in OD chucking mode, but regardless of the mode the machine only recognizes either spindle as chucked if the jaws are at the limit of their travel, so I can’t chuck on a part with it being within the range marked on the chuck. We had 12” pullback chucks on the machine when we bought it but we swapped them for 10” power chucks. Does anyone know how to fix this? Is there a way to adjust the clamping stroke?

Where can I find instructions on calibrating the Renishaw spindle probe and the built-in presetter for setting the tool-spindle tools?

What are the differences between G05.1 Q1, Q2, Q3, G08 AICC, and G05 P10000? The book has pretty long explanations for each but the differences between them and how they overlap/which ones you can use simultaneously and why are unclear.

How do I switch between AI contour control type I and II or is only one active on our machine based on our options?

What’s type 2 tool centerpoint control? Only type one seems to be explained in the manual.

What’s G50.3 Workpiece coordinate system preset?

G68.1 VS G68.2 differences? Two ways to do the same thing? G68.1 Rotates but doesn't shift? G68.1 is the same as G68 on 3 axis machines since G68 on this machine is balance cut mode? I’ve seen this discussed in forums but didn’t find anything pertaining to mill-turns.

Why are the G46X canned hole cycles necessary? What's the difference between the G8X hole machining canned cycles and the G46X hole machining canned cycles for NT? Will both work on an NT machine? Are the G8X cycles only for use with lower turret, assuming use on a lathe with live tooling?