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IndustryArena Forum > WoodWorking Machines > DIY CNC Router Table Machines > 20mm T5 Steel reinforced belts - Any good for CNC Router 8x4?
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    20mm T5 Steel reinforced belts - Any good for CNC Router 8x4?

    As the title suggests, what's the thinking behind belts? I currently run a chain drive which after 5 years is starting to cause me issues.

    I'm reviving the original thread on the full build but other than using 9mm HTD belts on a small 600x600 router, I havnt used them on a big machine and so wanted some advice on belts only.

    Would these types of belt be stronger, the same or worse than the chain drive for wood cutting? 95% of the work I do on the chain machine is 18-25mm Ply or MDF. Cutter size is usually between 6-12mm but ideally I would like to be able to run panel cutters for kitchen cabinet doors so there could be some force on it...

    Is there a reccomended % of teeth to be engaged on the drive pulley?

    Is direct drive with a coupler be OK or would I be better off looking at a belt and gear reduction set up? I've been reading up and understand that this could increase the amount of torque (not sure if torque is the right word) at the cost of speed?

    In terms of motors, I'm running Nema 23s 425oz, dual on the long and a single on the short axis.

    Please ask any questions, hope this is OK ADMIN having a new thread for belt info only. Let me know if not and I'll transfer to the full build log.

    Thank you!

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    Re: 20mm T5 Steel reinforced belts - Any good for CNC Router 8x4?

    Hi Sweet - Belt is fine but consider helical rack and pinion. Cost will be similar and performance will be much much better. For cabinetry work you will need to gear down the motors for belts or R&P. Direct drive will not have the grunt needed for your task. If keen on belts, the belt suppliers have detailed design manuals that will answer all your questions about belts... Peter

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