I hope this is the correct forum to post this.

The controller looks very good and if it does all it says in the manual, great. After several weeks, interpreting and translating the Chinese manual, there a few questions I have. The seller is basically a box mover so these sorts of details are probably not going to have answers.

These may well be general issues with all small CNC controllers.

To start, I cannot find an enable output. I would assume that only once the controller has powered up that I only then enable the servo motors. Would this be something I do outside the CNC controller or is it something I missed.?

Second, it has parameter in the options for enable PA. Not sure what PA is and there is no output options that are labeled PA. ? PA Start Mode /0:M31 CMD /1:With PM /2:PA Key

There is also a PB as well.

Has anyone had experience with these or similar controllers? I will be good to compare notes.

Thanks Wallace