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    325-II Fanuc 21TB programming

    I'm getting a recently purchased 325-II sorted out and am running in to a few programming hurdles. Emco US & Emco Austria have not responded beyond sending a couple of manuals, so I'm hoping somone here might be able to help.

    Everything functions on the lathe - all features & hardware appear to be fine. Only has 400ish hours of 'on' time and you could eat off of it - virtually unused tech school lathe.

    The problem is trying to figure out the g-codes for live tools.

    I have programming manual revisions B2002-03 (old) and C2003-07 (latest from Emco site). The WinNC version I have on the OEM CD & floppy is 14.14.0000.

    B2002-03 does not have any description of live tool g-codes or programming (other than G7.1 and G12.1), and neither does the original paper manual I got with the lathe.

    C2003-07 has live tool programming instructions and examples, but they don't match the WinNC/Fanuc version I have - control throws an 'invalid gcode' alarm when I attempt to use the documented codes (G77/G33 for radial tools)

    This is making post processor development a little challenging.

    I've found a set of demonstration programs on the Emco CD, and according to those the radial drilling is G87 and radial rigid tapping is G88.

    Experimenting with G87/88 looks like those are the correct codes, but the demo programs do some odd/crashy movements before starting the drill or tap cycles (rapiding in X to hole bottom before rapiding up and then starting the feed).

    So... does anyone have a 21TB programming manual earlier than 2003-07? If so, would you mind posting some radial drilling/tapping code so I can figure out the syntax? Or even post the manual?

    Even better - anyone have a more recent version of WinNC than 14.14.0000? Emco took down the software files from the download section of their site so only the manuals are available now.

    Last question...

    Rigid tapping - can these things do actual rigid tapping (main spindle, live axial, or live radial) or do they need a floating collet/holder? My couple of attempts with the main spindle resulted in threads being ripped out.

    Any help or guidance welcome.


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    Re: 325-II Fanuc 21TB programming


    It appears that Emco did not include some g-code cycles in Fanuc "A" mode, as well as making typos in the latest programming manual for Fanuc 21.

    Switched to Fanuc "C" mode and the radial cycles (G77/G33) started working. No documentation about this in the manual, but my guess is that "A" mode simply wasn't tested or given the attention that "C" mode or the Siemens alternate control was.

    Programming description is accurate for "C" mode, but the example program(s) contain errors which will cause alarms or crashes. Just for posterity... don't use the examples in the manual to test functionality - or at least run them in air at low FR.

    Have yet to try rigid tapping yet in "C" mode, but I suspect it isn't going to work and that floating holders/collets are required.

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