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    3D printing round parts out of round

    I printed a 54 tooth gear for my South Bend lathe so I could cut 16 threads per inch, put it on the lathe and it only rotated about an inch. Measured the gear and it was 0.015” out of round.
    If I had results like that from my CNC that would mean that the steps per inch were either off in the X or Y axis and I would set those to be correct and that’s it.

    How Does the 3D printer address an out of round which either the X or the Y steps per inch is not set right, how do I adjust the steps per inch in my 3 D printer

    My Printer: Maker Select Plus 3D Printer PN: 15711

    Thanks my old homemade CNC machine is still going strong.

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    Re: 3D printing round parts out of round

    First thing I'd do is print a calibration cube to make sure it's the steps/unit.

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