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    4th Axis | On the Taig Mill

    Originally I planned on mill turning to achieve my parts however it's beginning to dawn on my that it'd be more suitable to add a 4th axis to my 5019 Ball Screw Taig Micro Mill to achieve my round parts.

    The control box that came with my CNC ready machine has a 4th port, the A port that I can use to control the 4th axis.

    Can anyone help point me to a good CNC Ready 4th axis that I can attach to my mill table?

    Also, not sure I can do this type of op. in fusion 360. I saw this video where he's using SprutCam, but the program looks pretty pricey.

    I have a ER 4-jaw independent chuck and would like to attach it to my 4th to hold my round part so that I can mill the profile on the sides of a 3" round part as it rotates.

    Thanks for any and all help!

    Btw, I just assembled my new 5019 ball screw TAIG mill and this thing is awesome! ! ! Can't wait to produce parts with it.

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    Re: 4th Axis | On the Taig Mill

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    Re: 4th Axis | On the Taig Mill

    Yes, Sherline Rotary table is the one I use on my Taig ball mill.....
    One of the Best "Small" cnc rotary tables made....

    Here I am milling a cutter for my Rotary Broach I made......

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    Re: 4th Axis | On the Taig Mill

    Awesome, thanks! ! !

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    Re: 4th Axis | On the Taig Mill

    If you order the CNC 4th axis rotary from Taig (or from me), it's the same Sherline rotary table with a base that Taig makes that fits their T-slot spacing and levels up to their adjustable tailstock. The tailstock would be useful in the operation shown in the original post here, where the additional support would keep that cylinder from falling out due to cutting forces.

    The program I'd recommend for programming your 4-axis toolpaths would be DeskProto, which we also sell.
    Andrew Werby

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