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    6040 CNC controller/spindle issue

    My grandfather purchased a 6040 CNC machine by chinazone. I cannot find any markings of who makes the controller, the CNC machine is Model: CNCST4060AB3. Now I am not sure if the 4060 is just backwards in the model number or what. But after setting it up we can get the x,y and z axis to move but the spindle will not spin up. He had one of my uncles try to look at it and fix it, and when I came back over with what I thought would get the spindle going their is now an error. It is flashing P.oFF and the TRIP light is flashing along with the HZ light is lit up. I have tried following others instructions but they seem to be older controllers and do not look the same. And when I go into the P (settings?) and the D(settings) they are much different. In example P0.00 is set at 0.75 and cannot be changed. Can anyone help?? Thank you in advance
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    Re: 6040 CNC controller/spindle issue

    I have the same problem with the same machine. I've been searching the internet for days. Can anyone help?

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