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    810D is my backup good?

    My Emco does not not boot. It hangs on the green screen and when I press something I get "waiting for NCK connection".
    Someone told me it might corrupt software and I should press the "reset" button inside the machine and play back the backup.
    I have an backup folder which is as below. Is that a valid backup? It seems so small in size?
    My point is: If that backup is not a real backup. And my machine has a complete different problem and I press "reset", I have afterwards 2 problems.
    Of course no one will be able to tell me if the backup is good....but does it look reasonable?

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    Re: 810D is my backup good?

    Hi H90,

    You will need to open your back panel and see what display is shown on the CCU card. The CCU card has a seven segment LED display and about 8-10 LED lights below that.

    The waiting for NCK connection error basically occurs where there is something wrong on your CCU card side. If you're lucky, its just a software issue.

    The software backup being referred to is saved as an ARC file and normally saved in your PCU20 if i'm not mistaken.

    The process for reloading the backup is well documented on the siemens forum- you should check over there.

    Best of luck!

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