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    94 Cadet LNC8 program loading

    Hey guys. I have a 94 LNC8 That I just got. I am learning the control and CNC lathe operation and programming. I am a pretty decent with Haas mill as far as cam and making parts. My question is what is the best way to load programs in to an rs232 setup like this older lathe? I have not purchased anything yet, so I am not opposed to networking it. I was hoping to maybe get a setup to where I could either do usb or usb from a laptop cabled. I understand there is some dnc software that could be required. I would love to hear thoughts on the cleanest and simplest way to load posts in this old girl. Assume I know nothing. I appreciate the help.

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    Re: 94 Cadet LNC8 program loading

    I think that machine has the floppy drive on it? It can use both DOS and Okuma formatted floppies. That will be the easiest way. Copy your program to the DOS disk as a text file then:


    That should rename it as it comes in from the floppy to Main Machine memory.

    Then go to Auto and program select it. Or go to Edit and edit it to see how it looks.

    Once your used to the machine revisit the RS232 method. There’s several posts on here about that.

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