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Thread: 96 Arrow 500

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    96 Arrow 500

    I run a arrow 500 Acramatic 2100 control. Mainly produce mold parts
    Recently I did a job were a block was ground square I picked it up in center. Did some milling found out I was of center
    Did some tests.
    If I machine the complete block profile an say a bore the bore is perfectly in center
    If I take a ground block indicate it in center mill a bore it is off center in x by .002 and y .001
    Take the same block indicate it in center shift my x and y mill bore I is good
    What could be causing this

    Thanks Joe

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    Re: 96 Arrow 500

    Joe, I would either have someone run an X-Y, Z-Y, Z-X Renishaw QC20-W Ballbar ( example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKF99g_mG3M ), or make various mechanical checks.

    X-Z Tram; Y-Z Tram;
    Thrust Bearing Test using a .0001" test indicator and a 5/16" ball bearing on the end of the X and then the Y ball-screws.
    Looking and the Ballnut Pre-load or loss thereof of the X and then Y ball-screws.

    Your control also has bi-directional laser compensation and possibly backlash compensation active which was set up when new and in good mechanical condition.

    Greg W

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