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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Fadal > A axis brake m60 command in program or post, A axis not braking?
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    A axis brake m60 command in program or post, A axis not braking?

    Question is more complex than title describes. I have a couple of 4 axis Fadals but my question pertains to the 3016L. My dealer wrote a post to Command brake on and off during program because I wasn’t sure my gcode command was working besides it was turning the coolant off for some reason. I don’t protest to be a code expert in anyway and in fact I’m very much a rookie when it comes to gcode given software like Gibbs and Fusion it takes the need away for most except in basic understanding of code to see simple errors or induce basic commands missed by the post or program. Anyways I wasn’t sure if the A axis automatically brakes when positioned or If required the m code be commanded to brake because I was seeing left to right differences in the Finished part that suggested the axis wasn’t able to hold and the difference was the same as the Mechanical backlash .0003. Is the display supposed to show the M60 code next to the M8 under the feedrate so I know that it’s on or off? The cutting is so loud I cannot hear if the brake is coming on and off however using mdi and manual commands it certainly works. I want to find a way to verify besides finding $1200 parts off when they’re finished. Any Fadal wisdom would be appreciated I’ve read all the manuals a few times and bounced around the pages again so perhaps I missed something but Not for lack of my due diligence to figure it out. Perhaps it’s on and I have an issue with the actual brake holding despite its on?. My machine is equipped with inhibitor and otherwise seems to function fine and overall it’s in like new condition given it is 2002 model because original owners rarely used it.

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    Re: A axis brake m60 command in program or post, A axis not braking?

    Both - You can go into SetP and set it for automatic, plus you can use M Codes.

    I use it in Gcode, however I have it setup in SetP also. After I jog the A axis, a few seconds later the brake kicks in. If you disconnect the air line running to the top of the VMC then you can here it for sure! I guess you could also make a 1/4" Push to Connect "Tee" with a small gauge to tell also.

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