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    A lot of deflection on belt driven CnC, better belts?

    Hey guys, I have a zenbot4896 Cnc router that uses belts as the drive system, well they are very flexible, and I don’t want to tension them anymore then they are because I’ve already broke a shaft off of one motor.

    Are there better, tougher belts that I could replace them with? I eventually play on converting to a rack and pinion setup, in just not there yet.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: A lot of deflection on belt driven CnC, better belts?

    Yes, there are, but you still need to tension them a LOT, which will lead to more broken shafts. What you need are much larger belts, that likely won't even work without a redesign. I would say something at least 2" wide, although ideally it would be even wider. Belts will always stretch, and the longer they are, the more they stretch.

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