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IndustryArena Forum > WoodWorking Machines > DIY CNC Router Table Machines > A2-8040 VFD to Gecko G540 to Mach3 Help
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    A2-8040 VFD to Gecko G540 to Mach3 Help

    I have a A2-8040 VFD wired and running a 4Kw Spindle. I can control it fine from the VFD manually but want to control it with Mach3, at least have it turn the spindle on at the beginning and off at the end of a Gcode file.. I have seen so many wiring diagrams that I am confused , and scared. Could someone help me out in the correct way to wire this to a Gecko G540 then how to program Mach3? The only thing I am running out of the gecko currently are 3 homing switches and a touch plate for the Z axis.Thanks so much because I don't want to fry this thing. Below are some photos of the book I got with the VFD. I can give other info if this isnt enough

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    Re: A2-8040 VFD to Gecko G540 to Mach3 Help

    Is this the correct way. its from an older post?

    Click image for larger version. 

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