I hope I got this right, please advise if not.

Running a Baldor M3218T 5HP rewired for low voltage 208-230v

220v single phase hooked up to L and N, with a solid ground of same size hooked to ground bar
a 5k pot. hooked up with outer edges of pot between 5v out and ground, wiper going to 5v in
Pn 03 set to 1
Pn 04 set to 2
not sure what to do with Pn 8 & 9
using momentary NO push button for FWD/START/STOP connected to FWD and ground
using momentary NO push button for REV/START/STOP connected to REV and ground
also should I connect a NO PB for the reset?

not to sure about DO+ and D1- are they necessary for my configuration?
Can I just leave the rest of the settings at default?
Did I miss anything?
Thank-You for any help