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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Cincinnati CNC > A2100 Power supply malfunction (Cincinnati Arrow 500)
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    A2100 Power supply malfunction (Cincinnati Arrow 500)

    Hello guys

    I get System Fail 8004e. I changed many times the PSU and the alarm remains. In the end we connect 4 industrial Power supplies as one (to get +12; -12; +5 and -5 V, because these days is really hard to find new AT PSU), with much higher total power than the PC power supplies but no change with the alarm (by the way the PSU is connected with UPS and outside supplied, not from the machine). It has no any regularity with the alarm. Sometimes the machine works fine about 40 hours non stop and then shows the alarm. After I restart it shows it in 5 mins. Then I do not work on the machine for a week for example and after that machine works fine another 20 hours and so and so. When the alarm shows, the WS FAULT on the Bridge Board lights up, so I start to think it might be related with the voltages WS transmits via ISA through BB to the RT. Also the BIOS settings on the RT might be not correct at all, I don't know. One more thing - after I start the system sometimes it gives me the alarm before I start the power circuits.

    Any ideas will be very appreciated.

    PS: The local Siemens service (in Bulgaria) has no idea what Acramatic is at all, so no help from them too.

    PS2: Also has anyone idea where can I buy Instalation, Setup and Service Manual (7-000-5938IS)?


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    Re: A2100 Power supply malfunction (Cincinnati Arrow 500)

    I have had this issue in the past. I disassembled the entire PC and put everything back together and It worked. I assume there was a loose connection somewhere and the process of taking apart and putting back together solved it.

    Also, you can buy adapters to convert atx to at so you can use a modern power supply.

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    Re: A2100 Power supply malfunction (Cincinnati Arrow 500)

    provided your machine does not require the -5V output

    this is a ready made adaptor to use an ATX power supply to replace the original AT supply

    Attachment 410236

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	atx to at.jpg 
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Size:	80.1 KB 
ID:	410242

    most of the AT connector wires are the same colour as wires from a ATX power supply
    on a ATX power supply the power good wire is grey and on a AT power supply its orange
    ( not be confused with the ATX 3.3V wire that is orange ! )

    to switch on a ATX power supply connect the green power ON wire to one of the black 0V wires
    the white -5V wire is not on later ATX supplies

    if you require the -5V output
    you will need to add something like a B0505S-1W DC /DC converter to convert the ATX +5V to an isolated 5V to replace the missing -5V
    Attachment 410240


    have a look at

    for a DIY ATX to AT adaptor

    see pictures here

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    Re: A2100 Power supply malfunction (Cincinnati Arrow 500)

    The SYS Fail 8004E is related to loss of communication between the WS-CPU (Let) and the RT-CPU via the Basic Bridge Board (BBB)
    Bad Connections; damage Capacitors; something pulling down the power supply voltages; such as a bad keyboard; board; fan on WSCPU or RTCPU; bad Spinning Hard Drive;
    mixing fast CPUs with Slower CPUs; poor Board Connections; Corrupted CMOS BIOS Settings; Grounding/Noise issues etc.....

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    Re: A2100 Power supply malfunction (Cincinnati Arrow 500)


    Thank you so much for your replies. What i did so far:
    1. I made 4 industrial PSU connected and work as one powerful power supply (I have +12; -12; +5 and -5 V now). So I have no more doubts related with junk power supplies.
    2. I changed all the capacitors on the WS-CPU (some of them seemed suspicious).
    Since then (10 days ago) I got the fail only once. That's why I unplugged the WS- and RT-CPUs and plugged them again (4-5 days ago). I hope the problem solved.
    One question: Are there any capacitors I could change on the BB?

    Thank you one more time, guys!

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    Re: A2100 Power supply malfunction (Cincinnati Arrow 500)

    Any ideas if this issue was solved? I am having the same issue sporadically with our one CNC machine.

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    Re: A2100 Power supply malfunction (Cincinnati Arrow 500)

    If you have the BIOS cmos parameters on the Real-Time CPU motherboard corrupted by a low battery this can happen.
    The board would need to be reflashed or setup on a bench.
    Also check that all CPU Cooler fans are running and that the CPU heatsink compound if present is not all dried out.
    Some RTCPUs such as the 3-424-2168A02 had a jumper setting to slow the processor speed down some and this may help.
    Poor Grounding or board seating can be responsible. etc...

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