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    A2100 probe wiring

    Can anyone help with wiring a probe into the a2100 control.
    I am using a MI12 control and mp12 probe.
    I have the wiring diagram and plugs.
    I have everything wired and the MI12 is getting a signal from the OMM when I touch the probe.
    The machine is not receiving the signal.
    What probe port do I use in the setting?
    Am I missing something?

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    Re: A2100 probe wiring

    for one thousand Alex? How to

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    Re: A2100 probe wiring

    Jesse_H, The probe Port is documented in the Control Diagrams i.e. 9120xxxxy stamped on the serial plate. The Systems Options for Spindle Probing must be enabled as well as the Machine Application parameters properly set.

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    Re: A2100 probe wiring

    I have the wiring diagram for the machine.
    Everything is wired a working on the renishaw side
    The a2100 control is not receiving the status input from the MI 12?
    Does anyone know if the MI12 status output is voltage or ground?

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    Re: A2100 probe wiring

    Hello All,
    I got this figured out, If anyone needs help feel free to contact me.

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