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IndustryArena Forum > CNC Electronics > Servo Motors / Drives > AASD-30A-v6.2 Servo Drive wiring to ESS and MB3
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    AASD-30A-v6.2 Servo Drive wiring to ESS and MB3

    I have let enough magic blue smoke out with my last CNC project and I need to get this right the 1st time for a new CNC build. I used steppers last time this is using servos on a Precision Matthews PM833TV mill

    In plain English, I am hoping someone can identify the pinout on the Servo Drive to connect to the MB3/ESS. Yes, I have reviewed the manual but it's not helping.

    All new equipment


    MB3 BoB

    AASD-30A Servo Drive and Nema42 Sevo

    Something like this would be helpful to identify the pins in the servo drive connector:

    P1 - 24V+
    p2 - 24V-
    p3 - Step+
    p3 - Step-
    p4 - And So On to p25

    Thank you.

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    Re: AASD-30A-v6.2 Servo Drive wiring to ESS and MB3

    most of these servos have both differential signal inputs and single-ended inputs.

    Differential (+- 2.5V) step/dir inputs are usually good to 500kHz whereas single-ended (0V-24V) are good to about 200kHz.

    You first need to decide what resolution you want and what the max speed of the servo will be.....and that will in turn determine whether you use
    differential signalling or single ended. Although....if memory serves, the step/dir outputs of the MB3 are all differential anyway.

    Post the manual of the servo.

    As a side note....you have saved a few dollars by buying this cheap servo....but the documentation is bound to be Chinglish and whats the bet there is NO set-up and tuning
    software. Next time buy Delta servos, you pay about 25% more but get great backup, documentation.....and MOST importantly free set-up and tuning software.


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    Re: AASD-30A-v6.2 Servo Drive wiring to ESS and MB3

    If you have not already purchased the servos, you might want to reconsider the size. 1.8kW is way overkill for that PM833TV machine, unless you are talking about the spindle drive. 750W is more than adequate to run the axes on that machine, my Haas TM-2p only has 1kW servos on the X and Y axis, and my 10x54 knee mill has 750W servos and I have never run out of power.

    As Craig says, those AASD-30A units would not be my first choice. Documentation and support is worth every penny you pay for it.

    You might look at what DMM Tech has to offer
    https://store.dmm-tech.com/ Good, readable documentation, and great support

    Also the Automation Direct SureServo2 (Delta) line is also worth a look, https://www.automationdirect.com/selectors/sureservo2

    As well as the lower cost LS Electric servo line from Automation Direct https://www.automationdirect.com/selectors/ls-servo

    Automation Direct has great documentation and great tech support, as well as free 2 day shipping

    I have used both the SureServo2 and DMM products and can recommend both. And I just ordered 2 of the LS Electric 750W units from Automation Direct.
    Jim Dawson
    Sandy, Oregon, USA

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    Re: AASD-30A-v6.2 Servo Drive wiring to ESS and MB3

    as Jim has suggested 1.8kW is huge for an axis servo......at 1.8kW I just assumed that it was for a spindle.

    My new build mill has been in service for several months now and it has three 750W Delta B2 series servos for axis drives. They are more than adequate.
    I'm using 32mm diameter ballscrews, altogether rather outsized, but still get 2.7m2 acceleration and that with the axis bed/vice combination weighing
    over 150kg. In short 750W is more than adequate.

    I have just taken delivery (two weeks ago) from China two Delta servos, one 750W B2 series and a 400W B2 series, for a retrofit I'm helping with. I paid $435USD
    for the 750W and $390USD for the 400W and $285USD DHL shipping ( four days from Hong Kong to New Zealand).


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