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    "abnormal coolant"??

    hey all, i have an Okuma 852v mill that is controlled by a fanuc 31i. today neer the end of a drilling cycle i got this alarm: EX3019 COOLANT SUPPLY ABNORMAL. the coolant tanks are full of fresh coolant and everything seemed to be working fine up until a few min ago. i AM running a chip blaster thru spindle, and at the time it alarmed out i was runnning 500psi thru spindle. i am unable to find this alarm in any of my books and i am unable to reset it. any help would be great guys and gals. thanks in advance!

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    Re: "abnormal coolant"??

    10 year old thread lol...... if you have this alarm come up, check your floats in your tanks (obviously) and if that doesnt solve it check your aux coolant unit (chipblaster or otherwise) for tripped breakers.

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