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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Benchtop Machines > About to start PM-728 CNC conversion I need advice.
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    About to start PM-728 CNC conversion I need advice.

    Just got the mill in. It looks great installing it went perfect. I'm now collecting items for the conversion. I originally decided
    on Clearpath NEMA 34 servo's. But now I'm thinking this may be an over kill. I seen a few examples of people using NEMA 23's
    I think a NEMA 34 on the Z axis because it does more heavy lifting, but X and Y should be ok for NEMA 23. If I need 34's I'll do it,
    I just don't want to over do it.

    Anybody have any thoughts or experience?


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    Re: About to start PM-728 CNC conversion I need advice.

    Nema 23 for the X-Y is fine. With CP you don't really save any money with the 23. The small Nema 34 are OK too and they will stick out less.

    Nema 23


    If you want to go to Nema 34 for the X and Y.


    For the Z.

    youtube videos of the G0704 under the name arizonavideo99

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    Re: About to start PM-728 CNC conversion I need advice.

    Thanks Dave

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    Re: About to start PM-728 CNC conversion I need advice.


    I've been considering for some time getting a PM-728VT for CNC conversion. Finally ordered one earlier this week. When I placed my order I saw PM now "has" a CNC conversion kit for this mill, $900. I asked but he who I talked to had zero information as yet. I'll likely email PM and ask for details, like what motor mounts that kit has.

    I'll likely tuck the steppers back towards the machine, X & Y, to save space. I need to touch the mill but without seeing it I'm thinking NEMA 23s on the X & Y and a NEMA 34 on Z. If I can tuck the X & Y motors backwards they'll have a timing belt drive with likely a 2:1 reduction.

    I hope you'll start a thread about your conversion. I look forward to hearing more.



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