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    AccTek 1325 Maybe ?

    I sold my 4x4 DIY and now looking for a decent 4x8 for around $5k ish.

    I'm really liking this one:


    And have been emailing with the AccTek rep in China. I've never ordered anything this big from China. I plan to pay only with PayPal.

    My question is, they have quoted me $425 shipping to a port in the US, should I be concerned that there will be other hidden import fees, etc. ?

    Thanks for any advice on this.

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    Re: AccTek 1325 Maybe ?

    Machine cost
    Cnc router necessary parts : cnc router it self (Include spindle,motor, frame,control system)
    Optional parts: vacuum pump,dust collector, mist spayer
    swear parts: tool
    Transport costAsk your local shipping agency)
    Cnc router trans port cost from Factory to Qingdao port ,
    Qingdao to local City or port shipping cost
    Door delivery:
    Warehouse charge
    Oversize surcharge (LAX):
    Oversize surcharge
    Pier pass: min:
    Clean truck fee:
    Port security fee:
    Chassis rental:
    Chassis split fee:
    Customs clearance:

    Import Tax costlocal custom)
    Check exact tax rate by goods HS code ,such as cnc 8465201000
    Machine +Transport+Tax cost =Total cost

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