I was going to purchase a Acctek AKM1325c1 with some upgrades. When it came to shipping, based on the figures the factory estimated, when all said and done it would have been 45% the the total cost. So I decided not to go ahead with the purchase. Tried to get DDP incoterms to no avail.

Machine: 11,200
Freight to port: 5,500 (high, because of current shipping environment)
Freight to door: 1,000 (estimate could be more)
Tariff: 2,800
Total: 20,500

For me that is too much shipping and tariff. What do you guys think?
Oh and I wanted them to install UCCNC for me. They said they would if I mailed them the hardware.

Here are the specs:

*Changed to Delta servos, Gear reducer instead of belts.

FOB qingdao 11200usd
#Working area 1300*2500*250mm
#Chinese 9.0KW HQD air cooling spindle with ATC
# 8pcs linear tool changer
#Control system: install yours control system
#small control box
#Driver system: Taiwan Delta Servo Motor 750w and drivers
# Japan SHIMPO reducer
#Transmission:XY by gear, Z by Taiwan TBI ball screw from taiwan
#Rail guide: Hiwin linear square 25rail guide
#Table: vacuum table &T-Slot work table
#Inverter: fuling inverter
#Auto oil lubrication
#software: Artcam(copy version )
#tool sensor
#tool box
#movable high precision positioning cylinder
#220v single phase 60HZ