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    Acramatic 2100

    Hello i need help the machine is acramatic 2100 from 2002 . We replaced batteries on bios and now it does not find DV5 I really need help, please. Someone knows how to set up bios.

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    Re: Acramatic 2100

    Alex, This Control has two PC-Motherboards with BIOS (Basic Input Output Settings)
    WSCPU(Work-Station Left) & RTCPU(Real-Time Right) Each has a barcode label on the bottom inside lip of the
    aluminium Board Frame 3-424-xxxxAyy. The Work-Station BIOS Setting can be put into the board only if you have
    a separate PS/2 Keyboard hooked up to the WSCPU. Settings are in the Control Reference Manual.
    The RTCPU Board was normally set on a bench with a power-supply; keyboard; video adapter; and a Floppy
    Disk Binary file to flash the BIOS. Some users may have the settings recorded on paper and there are a few
    who can set the setting for someone if the board is sent to them. Fives-MSI U.S. Tech support may be of assistance.

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    Re: Acramatic 2100

    Thank you so much for information. I on a aluminium Board Frame find the number 3-424-2169A02. How to get information for bios settings.May be someone knows
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