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    Angry Acramatic 2100 Conv Servo Error

    We have a Cincinattic Hawk 250 that was hut down abruptly due to a power cut. When the power was restored we restarted the machine but keep on getting numerous errors. the first is conv_servo failed. I believe that the other errors are a consequence of this fault. Does anyone know how to help please.

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    This is most commonly the result of BIOS on RT board being lost. The alarm indicates your DV5 (or DV3/DV7) is failing diagnostics, but this board communicates with the rest of the control through the RT board. A number of the software versions would throw numerous other alarms if the servo card wasn't found, so is likely what is happening to you.
    It can also be caused by a number of other items such as a bad workstation board, Bridge board or servo card or power supply, but from my experience those are all far less likely.
    I reflash the BIOS on these boards regularly for people, so send me a PM if you are interested in more info.

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    Re: Acramatic 2100 Conv Servo Error

    Hi dear.
    I have a Cincinnati Milling Machine. With Acramatic 2100 control. I had a bios battery message. And the clock was constantly erased. I changed the battery on the ws board. Unfortunately, I have ws fail alarms. And does not work.
    This ws board model is: aa 670917-310
    Do you have bios settings?
    please guide me .
    my email : amir.mmhb@gmail.com

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    Re: Acramatic 2100 Conv Servo Error

    Hi Guys,

    Facing the same Issue- Conv Servo Error.

    I took out the DV5 board to check, and found a capacitor damaged on the PCB (photos attached)

    Anyone else faced this issue so far? The SMD which has blown is a capacitor- there appears to be a similar circuit next to it from where i can take the capacitor reference value. However, the PCB appears to be burnt through to the back at that point, and I'll need to trace the circuit to see where to make a joint.

    I'm not sure what has caused this. I switched on the machine today to this error, and then thought i'd investigate further and found this issue with the board.



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    Hi ,i found u offer about reflashing bios i have same problem with acramatick 2100 vickers. Servo failed in diagnostik and then alarm No servo axes configured
    It happens in the morning when i came to my shop and start my machine and then i see this servo failed could help me wihelp me if u still doing it

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