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    Adding Gcode in Fusion

    Hi guys,

    Is it possible to add Gcode in Fusion360 in a specific way though (not adding a pass though from the manual NC)!! I need to add a G4 P2. after every M5 that I have?

    I am using Fusion 360 for plasma operation and I need to give some time for the CNC machine to finish the cut, before the M5 (torch OFF) gets in action.

    I am use use Fusion for milling operations and I find it very good... but for plasma I think Fusion is a bit dry!.

    Can some one help me please.


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    Re: Adding Gcode in Fusion

    You could always edit your G-code in Notepad to replace every M5 with a M5 G4 P2 (assuming that your machine doesn't require them to be on separate lines). But the better way would be to edit your postprocessor to do that automatically at the end of each machining cycle.
    Andrew Werby

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    Post Re: Adding Gcode in Fusion

    Hey thanks... That s also a good idea to quickly make a find and replace...

    I have tried to look at the post processor but since I am no programmer, I got lost very quickly haha .

    I would literally need someone to do it for me... .

    Thanks though.


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    Re: Adding Gcode in Fusion

    My advice would be very similar to awerby's except that I use wordpad on a Windows computer or Mousepad on the Linux computer that controls my machine.

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    Re: Adding Gcode in Fusion

    It can be done but probably needs you to put the question on the Fusion Community Forum under the "Manufacture" area.
    Meantime as I don`t know what Post Processor you are using I have slightly modified a Mach3 PP which now generates code as shown below, if this code format is of any use to you then let us know, it is fixed in the PP and I haven`t figured out how to get it to be able alter in the "user defined properties" like the P* after the M3 but for the moment this might do till you get a proper answer
    Sure you need it after the M5 and not before ???
    N10 G90
    N15 G71

    (2D Profile3)
    N20 G0 X-16.416 Y24.553
    N25 M3
    N30 G4 P1.
    N35 G1 G41 X-17.282 Y24.053 F1000.
    N40 G1 X-14.782 Y19.723
    N45 G1 X-14.532 Y19.29
    N50 G1 X-14.416 Y19.223
    N55 G1 X-11.958
    N60 G1 Y13.427
    N65 G1 X-20.228
    N70 G1 Y19.223
    N75 G1 X-13.916
    N80 G1 X-13.416
    N85 G1 X-13.3 Y19.29
    N90 G1 X-10.55 Y24.053
    N95 G1 G40 X-11.416 Y24.553
    N100 M5
    N105 G4 P2.

    N110 G0 X-3.841 Y8.388
    N115 M3
    N120 G4 P1.
    N125 G1 G41 X-3.602 Y9.359 F1000.
    N130 G1 X-8.458 Y10.553
    N135 G1 X-8.943 Y10.672
    N140 G1 X-9.072 Y10.635
    N145 G1 X-10.307 Y9.347
    N150 G3 X-11.528 Y2.916 I4.33 J-4.154
    N155 G1 X-9.675 Y-1.602
    N160 G3 X-5.07 Y-5.25 I5.551 J2.277
    N165 G1 X1.397 Y-6.283
    N170 G3 X8.344 Y-0.358 I0.946 J5.925
    N175 G1 Y9.094
    N180 G3 X3.29 Y15.019 I-6. J0.
    N185 G1 X-0.68 Y15.653
    N190 G3 X-5.957 Y13.882 I-0.946 J-5.925
    N195 G1 X-9.418 Y10.274
    N200 G1 X-9.764 Y9.913
    N205 G1 X-9.796 Y9.783
    N210 G1 X-8.262 Y4.501
    N215 G1 G40 X-7.302 Y4.78
    N220 M5
    N225 G4 P2.

    N230 G0 X4.442 Y-13.529
    N235 M3
    N240 G4 P1.
    N245 G1 G41 X4.565 Y-14.521 F1000.
    N250 G1 X9.527 Y-13.905
    N255 G1 X10.023 Y-13.843
    N260 G1 X10.13 Y-13.762
    N265 G1 X10.325 Y-13.302
    N270 G2 X17.693 Y-16.417 I3.684 J-1.558
    N275 G2 X10.325 Y-13.302 I-3.684 J1.558
    N280 G1 X10.519 Y-12.841
    N285 G1 X10.503 Y-12.708
    N290 G1 X7.187 Y-8.321
    N295 G1 G40 X6.389 Y-8.924
    N300 M5
    N305 G4 P2.

    N310 G0 X-8.041 Y-19.715
    N315 M3
    N320 G4 P1.
    N325 G1 G41 X-7.462 Y-18.899 F1000.
    N330 G1 X-11.541 Y-16.007
    N335 G1 X-11.949 Y-15.718
    N340 G1 X-12.082 Y-15.705
    N345 G1 X-19.897 Y-19.292
    N350 G1 X-20.928 Y-14.751
    N355 G1 X-17.096 Y-7.469
    N360 G1 X-10.003 Y-14.751
    N365 G1 X-12.536 Y-15.914
    N370 G1 X-12.991 Y-16.122
    N375 G1 X-13.068 Y-16.232
    N380 G1 X-13.581 Y-21.708
    N385 G1 G40 X-12.585 Y-21.801
    N390 M5
    N395 G4 P2.

    N400 M30


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