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    Adding LED light to a 1992 VF0

    Wanting to add an LED light to an old 1992 VF0 and I’m having a bit of trouble determining what I need exactly and whether or not I’m getting power to the current halogen light.

    I’m looking at adding an LED like this...

    From everything I’ve looked at I would think the 12v ip66 light is what I’d need. Unfortunately I can’t tell what kind of voltage I’m getting at the lamp because my voltmeter isn’t picking up anything. I’ve unplugged the lamp and checked the connector but it’s not coming up with anything. I’ve checked the voltmeter on something I know works so I know it’s not the voltmeter. Thought maybe it could be the switch as well, I de-soldered it and checked for continuity and it appears to work but I’m not sure if that is the only way, or best way, to check it.

    Does anyone have a good suggestion on what to check and how to check it? I know some of you are geniuses in this area and this is a walk in the park, but unfortunately, I’m not a whiz at understanding electrical connections beyond the very basic. So, any help in that area would be great. I can get pics of the machine or cabinet if needed.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Adding LED light to a 1992 VF0

    All Haas VF's that I have worked with have 120vac lighting. Try checking with your meter on 200vac range or higher. Some Haas machines will have a switch for worklights on side of the pedestal.

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    Re: Adding LED light to a 1992 VF0

    Not sure where the light is mounted on your VF0 but, I have a Mighty comet and the light is mounted on the z axis. It moves up and down and the wire is run through the cable tray for the z axis. After all this time the wires have broken somewhere in the cable tray. Maybe that is why you have no voltage at your light

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