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    Question Additional info about YL620-A

    I recently purchased a YL620-A 1.5kW VFD with 24,000 RMP spindle.
    While I’m quite happy with the basic function of the VFD, I seem to be missing some important data about the control terminals.
    I have searched the manual that came with the device and also the internet for further info but could not find what I was looking for.

    So here are my questions:

    * What kind of power can the inbuilt relay (CM1-NO1-NC1) switch - voltage/amperage for AC and DC respectively?
    * What is the maximum load (amperage) the 13V external power supply can provide?
    * When measuring the voltage between XVcc and XGnd why do I see 15V although it is called "external INPUT 15V"?
    * Can I power external devices from XVcc?
    * If so, what maximum load (amperage)?
    * What signal do AO and MO provide exactly - what are they for?

    As a side question:
    * Would it be possible and safe to power an SMC5-5-n-n from the YL620-A via the 13V/GND terminals?

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