Hello all,

I am fairly new to the wonderful world of machining (1 year). However, I recently left my previous employer and am looking to keep my skills sharp. I have dealt primarily with the Renishaw OMP40-2 and have written quite a few custom macro cycles to tackle a number of issues (an auto fill macro for creating approximate offsets for a palletized set up, full unattended cnc operation of our largest contract, vector measurement cycles, custom tips down to .020, and all sorts of troubleshooting... shorter back off distances, approach speeds, etc....). I'm self taught on g-code and the renishaw probe using primarily the manual and supplementary Haas material.

I also have experience with Solidworks (assemblies, design tables, split parts, etc...). E2 (jobboss2) including custom reports and file management.

If you have any problems (primarily macro related) you'd like to tackle, please let me know as I'm looking to advance my skills and network.

I look forward to hearing/ learning from you guys