Hi, I have a Sieg X3 that has been converted to CNC. I purchased a conversion kit and a CNC controller from Promica in Australia but Promica ceased trading back in the 2010's and there are no more resources or spares available for the hardware or the controller. The controller was a proprietary design with microprocessor control and microprocessor based axis cards that have edge connectors and attach to the main board a bit like PCI-e connectors in a PC. My problem is that the controller has started to misbehave and sometimes I have to reboot it three or four times to get all the axes working normally. I have taken the cover off the controller and cleaned it out with compressed air and cleaned all the edge connectors with Isopropyl Alcohol but one card in particular is giving me grief. What I would like to to is to upgrade the electronics to standard stepper drivers and to replace the mainboard with a breakout board.
I am currently running UCCNC as my controller software and I have a UC100 motion controller since the Promica controller was originally fitted with a parallel port and my current PC has only USB ports. I plan to reuse the existing power supply that has 240V in and 50V, 12V and 5V outputs. I would also like to retain the case and the UC100 since my software licence is tied to the motion controller. I want to run four axes, outputs for coolant and VFD and inputs for home switches and a probe which has a high/low trigger.

My question is:

What do I need to buy to do the upgrade?

My thoughts were:

* 4 new stepper drivers
* A breakout board with a parallel port, relays suitable for driving the VFD and a solenoid for the air/coolant and sufficient inputs for the home switches and the probe.
* new connector hardware for the back panel

Am I missing something?

When I start looking for breakout boards it seems that some are called motion controllers. However I already have the UC100 which I believe is a motion controller anyway. I don't want to replace the UC100 or I will have to purchase a new licence for UCCNC. If anyone can recommend a breakout board that is compatible with UC100 and UCCNC I would appreciate it.
Mark Presling