The air duct cleaning robot is the best cleaning equipment for cleaning long and narrow ducts. The duct cleaning robot can clean ordinary ventilation ducts such as air supply ducts in basements and ventilation system ducts in office buildings. It is also possible to clean the HVAC pipes and clean the ventilation pipes in places with a large number of people, which can avoid the spread of the new COVID-19 at the moment.

Advanced duct cleaning robot
duct cleaning robot
This multitask air duct cleaning robotic will enable you to lift out a couple of applications, coupling distinct modules for cleaning, inspection, and sealing inner the air ducts. It accommodates cutting-edge technologies such as HD cameras, computerized module elevation system, HMI contact display screen manage panel and HD recording system.

AVATAR is the world-main provider of duct cleaning gear and is offering air duct cleaning tools all over the world. The AVATAR clean duct clean equipment is developed precisely to make sure desirable and wholesome air flow hygiene and thereby make sure the constructions indoor air high-quality (IAQ) being as excessive as possible.

Each of these duct cleaning robots has been developed by way of our R&D group for a precise purpose, like inspection survey, cleaning, scrubbing, dirt sucking, etc. All these robots are geared up with a superior controller mechanism and an excessive decision camera.

Function of HVAC duct cleaning robot
hvac duct cleaning robot

Are you searching for environment-friendly duct cleaning gear to assist you in your HVAC device inspection? If your reply to this query is yes, then you may additionally think about shopping for a robotic air duct cleaning system. It will now not solely enhance your efficiency, however will additionally make you extra productive.

HVAC Duct Cleaner Robot is a revolutionary brushing cleaning robotic for inspecting and sanitizing spherical and rectangular air ducts (∅350 – one thousand mm). Recommended for industrial and industrial HVAC duct cleaning, disinfecting, and coating jobs which the place previously viewed as not possible due to the fact of tough access. The Duct Cleaning Robot makes it feasible to reveal the cleaning method in actual time and to take a look at if there are no obstacles. The robotic can be outfitted with quite a number of brushes and distinctive nozzles that permit the spraying of compressed air and/or spreading liquid and foamy chemical substances whilst cleaning.

These duct cleaning robots can attain areas that a human can in no way reach, and our duct cleaning robots can exhibit you hidden contaminants in your HVAC Air Duct which would in no way have been feasible by way of human visible inspection. Our purpose-built, duct cleaning robots can smooth the most challenging to attain corners in your air duct, and supply you wonderful smooth and wholesome air, now not viable by means of any different cleaning process. Bad Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) influences your personnel and visitor's health, and must in no way be ignored.

What can the air duct cleaning robot provide you?
air duct cleaning robot

Air ducts are passageways that transport cooled and heated air at some stage in your house. Just like any different HVAC system, air ducts require ordinary upkeep to make certain the most efficient. As a time-honored rule of thumb, the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) recommends air duct cleaning each and every three to 5 years. The buildup of mildew and different pollution causing allergic reactions can also be a consideration for extra immediate air duct cleaning for the fitness of your domestic and family.

Air duct cleaning robotic is a bendy shaft cleaning equipment. The robotic is ordinarily used for cleaning. It can easy the internal floor of a 100-350mm air duct or pipe. The robotic is pushed by using a motor, and the rotation of the brush is transmitted via the electricity cable, which without delay rotates to ease the pipeline.

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