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    Air Leakage Testing System / Air leak tester (Customer specific)

    About Us

    We made this machine to one of the leading companies in Turkey.

    It will be enough for you to send us the 3D data of the product and a sample for customer-specific tightness test systems

    -Production of European standarts

    -Technical support

    -Expert staff

    -100% customer satisfaction

    -Detailed technical documentation

    -Quick solution suggestions

    -Turnkey Project Manufacturing and Follow-up

    For different projects;

    You can visit our website,

    You can get more wide information from our slide,

    And you can always reach us.

    Web: https://www.ibertekno.com/



    Phone: +90 554 507 90 30

    E-mail: info@ibertekno.com

    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSZ...AC3h9jwNq_D_QA

    How does the system work?

    •The system is energized by turning the pacco switch.

    •There must be air in the system. System air adjustable and controllable by air regulator.

    •The product is placed in its place. The fixing pins go into the holes on the product.

    •After placing the product, both hand buttons are pressed at the same time.

    •The small hole closing cylinder closes the corresponding hole.

    •Product dimensions are checked according to the relevant recipe values.

    • If the product dimensions are suitable, the big hole closing cylinder goes down and closes the relevant hole.

    • The system test air is turned on.

    • Air is filled into the tank from the test air inlet for as long as the filling time.

    • If the system can be filled after filling the air for the specified time, the test continues.

    • After the system waits for the filling pressure assignment time, it draws the first pressure value and the stabilization period begins.

    • After the stabilization period, the system checks the existence of the determined scale value.

    • If the scale value is below the determined scale value, the test continues and the small hole closing cylinder is lifted.

    •The small hole is checked by waiting for the determined air hole measurement time.

    • If the hole check is successful, the big hole closing cylinder goes up.

    • The operator places the funnel in the big hole and presses the double hand button again.

    • Since there is a funnel in the large hole of the product, the big hole closing cylinder cannot make its full movement. In this case, the product acceptance letter is seen on the panel, since the funnel is attached to the product and the leakproofness is determined in the previous stages.

    • The barcode is automatically printed from the printer and pasted on the product.

    • If the test does not continue in the above-mentioned steps, it means that the step was not passed and a warning is given on the panel. The system fails and the choke rollers move up.
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