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    Air Purifier Solutions

    I am the sales / Air Quality Expert at Electrocorp and AllerAir. We have several different solutions for air purification with laser engravers. From Air purifiers that can vent back into the room, or solutions that can clean the air before you vent it out side.

    Depending on the material and severity of the odor, cutting and engraving material such as Acrylic, is highly toxic, and long term exposure to these kinds of fumes, is well.... The thing to consider is the tiny particulates that you don't see (Odorless) these are the most harmful to health.

    I am not dropping any direct links here, but if you are looking for a solution to filter out fumes, odors, dust, VOC's in the room, exhaust from your laser engraver, give me a call or send me an email. We have several solutions, since we are the manufacturer we can also do custom/modifications to current air purifiers / air scrubbers for your needs.

    The key to Laser Engraving, is that every set-up is unique, there is no two alike, understanding the application, and the need is the key to delivering a solution.

    Remember, your health is an investment, not an expense.

    call me anytime George Luker 1-888-852-8247 Ext 241 or email: GLuker@electrocorp.net
    Electrocorp industrial air purifiers reduce toxic chemicals and dust Contact me for details GLuker@electrocorp.net website: https://www.electrocorp.net/

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    Re: Air Purifier Solutions

    I do think that a clean air is the most I pedant thing these days. I have been trying to keep the position out of my own house for a while. I would love some advice regarding that tho

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    Re: Air Purifier Solutions

    I like to see my house clean and I don't like unpleasant odors. Thanks to your publication, I paid attention to air purifiers and really want to buy one. If you can advise me on the best of inexpensive air purifiers, I will appreciate it. Also, I found that my car often has an unpleasant smell and if I leave some clothes there at night, they then need to be washed. I recently learned that there are ozone treatment machines for cars. If you know anything about this, please write your review. I want to find out if it works.

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