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    alarm 1118 no confirm of tool unclamp

    I've been having multiple ATC arm issues, as soon as one is fixed another one appears and this one ive been unable to figure out. its saying check air, sensors and motor. checked them and nothing is wrong......any help

    machine is brigdeport 1500xp and its fanuc i18 controls

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    Re: alarm 1118 no confirm of tool unclamp

    There is likely a proximity sensor on top of the spindle in or around what is probably an air over hydraulic cylinder. I don't know your machine specifically, but this arrangement is typical of many. Look in your manuals to find out what bit should change when the tool is unclamped. You should be able to cycle the sensor with the manual tool release and clamp buttons. You are looking for an X address change which will be an input from the sensor. If you're lucky you can find a number on the sensor wire to lead you in your search within the books.

    Other things that can cause poor tool release is low hydraulic fluid level in the hydraulic part of the air over hydraulic cylinder. Or air in the hydraulic system(s). Again not sure you have one but if so, check the level. If it's low, find out where it's leaking. There is also likely a hydraulic system that comes into play during automatic tool changes. With automatic tool changes the air over hydraulic stuff does not really come into play. That's for manual release. There will be a cam inside the tool changer that operates a hydraulic plunger during automatic operation.

    Forgive me if this is not how your machine works. What I describe though is a very common swingarm tool change system. Regardless... there will be a sensor sending a signal to the PMC telling it the tool is unclamped. Nothing will happen without it.

    Curious is your swing arm stopping under the spindle after it grabs the tool? Or when?

    Do you see a FIN signal in the buffer area of the screen when it hangs? This will be proof that it's waiting for something.

    Do yourself a favor and go on youtube and search CNC Maintenance Training by John Robbins. I guarantee you'll learn something about Fanuc. (Guy standing in front of a blue background.)

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