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    Exclamation Alarm 22 Amplifier not equipped

    Hello guys.

    Our Mazak MTV 655/60 drive broke several weeks ago. We purchased a used one on ebay from a guy with excellent reviews. Today we tried to install it but Im getting this alarm "Alarm 22 Amplifier not equipped" and on the drive leds it says AA. I tried searching in the manual but I cant find Alarm 22. We have 2 of the same machines. We tried installing it on the working one but same alarm shows. We installed the working one on the machine that was missing a functioning drive and it worked out. Does the drive that we bought is faulty?

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    Re: Alarm 22 Amplifier not equipped

    Did it come off the same type of machine? There might be jumpers or parameters that need changing for your particular installation
    Regards Bob

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