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    alarm 414 - X/C-axis error

    Dear people,

    I just bought a new Nakamura Tome TW-20 from 1995. OK, I admit it isn't really new anymore. I have seen it working at the dealer's place.
    Now the machine arrived at my place and everything should be set. Today I started it up for the first time and got the error that the hydraulic pressure is low. I switched two phases and
    the error is gone. But now I keep getting the 414 alarm for the X and C axis and cannot move anything. Not even the chuck, for instance.
    I already checked the diagnose 200 and indeed it says '1' at LV at those two axis. All the rest is still '0'. I uploaded a picture of the screen.

    When I look at the back of the machine, I see one of the yellow boxes indicate a number 3. All the rest indicate -.

    I think it's weird that the machine was running at the dealer and now has this issue.

    Can anyone please help me get to the fault?

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    Re: alarm 414 - X/C-axis error

    Hi there!
    Actually i am having one doubt.
    Recently i have faced one issue,that fanuc A860-2005-T301(Incremental Pulse Coder) is damaged so i replaced with A860-2000-T301(Absolute Pulse coder).Then machine runs good.But now ,when we proceed for ball bar test it failed to perform interpolation.So my question is,can i able to change absolute pu;se coder as incremental in parameter?If yes means,what are all the procedures?

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    Re: alarm 414 - X/C-axis error


    What is the part number of the servo amplifier A06B-xxxx-Hxx ?

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    Re: alarm 414 - X/C-axis error

    But why not use the original incremental type instead of the absolute type?

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