Hi guys .,

I need some ideas / help here

I have Leadshine CS-D808 Closed loop stepper drivers connected to a Axemotion Pulsar mainboard and im having troubles with alarm signal from the drivers not activating the input on my mainboard.

In the manual to the drivers it says that the driver can sink or source 20mA at 24 volts..

Am i correct in thinking that the driver will then always provide 24v but will either allow 20mA or turn off 20mA.

My Pulsar mainboard has 24volt inputs , so it can activate the input by either getting 24v or get a short circuit depending on how i set it up.

My thinking is that since the driver is sinking or sourcing the mA thus always providing 24v to my input therefor my input is always active even though an error occurs ???

If my thinking is right , what would be the best thing to put in between so that i can get this to work ?

All thoughts and ideas are greatly appriciated..