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    Allen bradley 8400mp & quikdraw ATC

    I've got a Shizuoka mill with a Allen Bradley 8400MP control that I'm setting up in my home shop. Now, I've gotten it mostly working, but there's one thing I can't figure out: Tool changing with "T" tool numbers. I can use the Quikdraw's M commands to put tool away, pull tool out, and switch pockets, but that's a far cry from telling it which tool I want and having it switch to the correct pocket and pull the tool.

    When I give it a T command(I forget the exact code; checked what was in the book), it gave me an error to the effect of "No tool X defined", yet I can't find anything in the book about that particular error.

    Can anyone give me some tips?


    I've also got a ton of manuals for this control; If there's something specific you need, I may be able to scan it for you.

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    We are looking for a manual for the AB 8400mp. We are getting a battery open fault code. any ideas?

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    Re: Allen bradley 8400mp & quikdraw ATC

    To call a tool, ex. tool # 3, simply state T3#.

    To use the tool offset, ex. offset # 3, O3#.

    Do you have a schematics or a service manual for the clamshell? I have power to the board, but no LEDs indicating power, nor do I have the pendant (CRT/control) working. It was fine on Thursday, left on over the three day weekend, but apparently died before we returned on Monday.

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